Unitado is a platform developed as a private volunteering initiative trying to support those that have escaped the conflict area in Ukraine. Here you can easily find accomodation, places to eat, or any type of support if you are in transit or wishing to stay in Romania.

We are a growing community focused on building bridges for those leaving harm’s way in Ukraine and seeking normality elsewhere. As a bookings initiative we depend on the goodwill of our generosity of donors in Romania. The offer present on the website consists of either temporary accommodation or meals being provided.

Important Information

Our platform represents a private initiative supported by our amazing local community to help those that have escaped the conflict area in Ukraine with accomodation, food or any other type of support.

We strongly recommend you to follow official information and guidance offered by the romanian authorities. If you are a volunteer close to the romanian border with Ukraine please consider first offering your support by assisting locally.

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