Crucea Rosie - Cora Constanta

The partnership consists of gathering centralized donations of food and non-food goods for the needs identified by the Romanian Red Cross.

In this regard, Cora has launched a perishable food donation campaign in its 10 hypermarkets where it has organized donation points and calls on consumers to help with it to help people in need.

Donation points are organized where Cora customers can donate: corn, flour, wheat, sugar, oil, rice, wheat, semolina, dried peas, lentils, barley, milk powder; canned food – meat, fish, liver pate, jam, compotes; pasta, cereals; instant products – soups, bean flakes, potato flakes; drinks – cocoa, coffee, tea, water, juices; sweets – biscuits, wafers, croissants, cookies, chocolate, baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, disinfectants.

The collected products will be distributed by the Romanian Red Cross according to the needs of the field.

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