10 Best Jujutsu Kaisen Characters, Ranked

The hit dark shonen manga Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami is lauded for its many merits.

Most people identify Jujutsu Kaisen with dark, violent plots and disturbed characters, although the series contains some lighthearted heroes. Audiences love Kinji Hakari, Jujutsu High's famed delinquent, for his irrational zeal. Hakari, introduced late in the narrative during the Culling Game arc, is arrogant and unpredictable. The older sorcerer becomes a loyal and strong ally of the heroes after Hakari respects his burning fever.  

10. Kinji Hakari

Kento Nanami, Yuji's mentor and one of Jujutsu High's best sorcerers, had a huge impact on the series. Nanami seems cold and uncaring, however he has one of the cast's greatest hearts. Nanami is a dedicated sorceress who will protect the weak until the end.  

9. Kento Nanami

Due to his unique character, Aoi Todo stands out from other Kyoto Jujutsu High School pupils despite his brief appearance. Todo, a passionate eccentric, surprises admirers and Tokyo students with his intrusive queries regarding Megumi's taste in women. Once Todo meets his “brother” in Yuji, his battle intelligence and philosophical perspective emerge, surprising for a brawny, battle-crazed hero.  

8.Aoi Todo

Hiromi Higuruma, a minor antagonist in the Culling Game arc, unexpectedly became one of the series' most intriguing major cast members. Higuruma, unlike other Jujutsu Kaisen characters, is a rookie sorcerer who gains his talents from Kenjaku at the commencement of the Culling Game. However, his skills, genius brain, and Judgeman's strength make him the event's top contestant.  

7. Hiromi Higuruma 

Yuta Okkotsu, the hero of the precursor movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and one of the manga's key characters, was initially disliked by fans due to his lacklustre demeanour and uncertain significance to the main plot. Even at the end of his film, Yuta has convinced many that he may be the series' best character. Yuta, a special grade sorcerer with two powerful jujutsu techniques, Copy, and the cursed spirit of Rika, his childhood companion, starts out timid and self-conscious.  

6. Yuta Okkotsu  

After his backstory is exposed in the Hidden Inventory arc, Suguru Geto becomes a fan favorite. Geto, Satoru Gojo's best friend and fellow special grade, was more moral and dignified, advising Gojo in ethically problematic circumstances. After Riko Amanai died, Geto grew resentful of humanity. After growing apart from Gojo, Geto's resentment culminated in him abandoning jujutsu society's beliefs.  

5. Suguru Geto 

Since episode 1, when Yuji ate one of the King of Curses' fingers and became the receptacle of history's most fearsome monster, Sukuna has threatened Yuji and the jujutsu world. Sukuna, a demon from the past barely kept away by Golden Age Jujutsu sorcerers, has no tragic origin or understandable aim. Instead, he is a cruel, immoral hedonist who wants to pleasure himself while destroying the world, making him a great opponent.  

4. Sukuna  

Maki Zenin was despised and ignored from a young age because she was born into the powerful Zenin family without cursed energy and no jujutsu skill. Maki worked hard to become a sorcerer who doesn't require cursed energy to beat everyone else, using her fury to drive her desires. Maki is stubborn and outspoken, yet her character shines from the start.  

3. Maki Zenin 

Few things distinguish Yuji Itadori from shonen protagonists. He is gentle, virtuous, and willing to risk his life for his beliefs. Yuji quickly learns jujutsu as Sukuna's vessel and becomes one of the series' strongest, most resilient fighters without a technique. Yuji's nuanced character growth as a jujutsu sorcerer sets him apart from other good-natured shonen heroes.  

2. Yuji Itadori 

Satoru Gojo, the franchise's most popular character and the strongest modern sorcerer, deserves it. Gojo seems brash and arrogant at first, but he quickly proves himself worthy of his reputation in practice. He was born with two overwhelming skills, Six Eyes and Limitless. Gojo is an interesting reinvention of the powerful hero archetype, as much of his development revolves around what it means to be the strongest and how it impacts his self-image and ability to interact with others.  

1. Satoru Gojo 

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