3 Astrological Signs That Predict Your Marriage Propensity  

Aries people are most likely to marry to balance their fierce energy. Astrologer and author Lisa Barretta tells Bustle Cancer is one of those signals. Your "inner child" adores Cancer's nurturing energies, while Cancer loves a fun-loving companion like you who brings them out of their shell.  


A Taurus/Cancer pairing is a "match made in heaven," Barretta explains, because you want stability in a long-term partner. You'll both want to marry soon for security.  


Barretta advises Geminis to find a mate who can match their intellect and curiosity. Virgos are wonderful because they can conduct profound conversations. You won't get bored.  


Barretta states that because you place a high importance on home, family, security, and romantic love, you are most likely to marry a Libra due to the fact that they have the ability to be your rock.  


You would be happiest in a long-term relationship with someone who appreciates you and can keep up with your ever-evolving ideas. Leos have a desire to feel seen, so you would be quite happy in such a partnership.  


Your meticulousness is typical of Virgos. Nobody will appreciate that more than Taurus and Capricorn, two signs you may end up with.  


When you think of marriage, you picture teamwork and partnership, which Gemini and Aquarius excel at. Farrar thinks they can satisfy your intellectual curiosity while you teach them closeness.


Farrar says you want meaningful interactions and someone who understands your emotions. No one can do that like a nurturing Cancer.  



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