3 Influential Takeaways from Easter for Married Couples  

I am enthusiastic about faith and family and am always seeking for ways my spiritual life may teach me marriage lessons.   

Many of us will meet with family and friends to remember Jesus' cross sacrifice and Sunday morning's good news.   

However, I'd like to review Easter lessons before that day.   

Easter is typically full of surprises, especially concerning love.   

I find marriage teachings in Jesus' death and resurrection.  

1. Give until it costs you something

The terrible crucifixion of Jesus shows the ultimate sacrifice. "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13, NIV). Giving generously to your spouse is one of the best methods to strengthen your marriage.   

Why the cross? Salvation? Forgiveness? Peace? I strongly believe it was for closeness. The Bible states that Jesus came to marry us forever. Intimacy with God can be had forever and now while walking on Earth thanks to him.  

2. Relationships matter more than rules and right

Did you ever contemplate Easter Sunday as the Saturday between the cross and the resurrection? Following Jesus cost the disciples their lives. It cost them everything. One week later, they witness Jesus' arrest and death after his triumphant arrival into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.   

3. There is hope and promise for tomorrow


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