A $11 billion data center to be built by Amazon Web Services in northern Indiana might generate up to 1,000 jobs.  

Indianapolis, Indiana – Amazon plans to construct a data center in northern Indiana at a cost of $11 billion.

At least 1,000 jobs are anticipated to be created by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) facility in New Carlisle. Declared by Governor Eric Holcomb to be the biggest capital investment announcement in Indiana's history.

AWS manages cloud servers for a variety of sectors, including the public sector, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, and financial services. 

Small and fledgling firms, as well as large organizations and the federal government, are among the clients.

"AWS is a welcome addition to Indiana, where Amazon has long been a significant economic partner.

The state of Indiana, the town of New Carlisle, and the north central region will all benefit greatly from this large investment, which bolsters Indiana's leadership in the future economy, according to a news release from Holcomb.

According to the corporation, the New Carlisle data center will be equipped with computer servers, networking hardware, data storage devices.

And other technological infrastructure that supports cloud computing capabilities and generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The next generation of talent in the Hoosier State will benefit from this investment, and we are excited to continue supporting workforce development and educational efforts in the communities where we operate.  

$15 million in training grants, $55 million in Hoosier Business Investment tax credits, $20 million in redevelopment tax credits, and $18.3 million in headcount-based tax credits are also included in the IEDC commitment.

Up to $7 million will be provided by AWS to facilitate the upgrading of the State Road 2 road infrastructure in the vicinity of the site. 

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