A new Outlander prequel cast reveals which popular characters will return. 

While the eighth and final season of Outlander, starring Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, is still in production, more well-known characters are being cast for the prequel Outlander: Blood of My Blood. 

The prequel has already cast a number of beloved characters from the main series, based on the parallel love lives of Jamie and Claire Fraser's parents. 

More than Outlander, the show travels back in time to reveal to viewers how Jamie's parents met in Scotland in the 1700s and how Claire's parents reunited in the 1900s. 

It will only pain your head to try to perform time math on it, and since you are familiar with the Outlander brand, it will also break your heart, but in a good way.

Fans of Outlander are aware that the show adores a tragic love tale, and sadly, both Jamie's and Claire's parents pass away at an early age.  

Five new characters have been cast, three of them are fan favorites: Mrs. Fitz, Arch Bug, and Jocasta Cameron.

Along with new characters Private Charlton, Lizbeth, and Janet MacKenzie.  

See below for how the prequel incorporates them into the narrative.  

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