A Relix Revival of Dickey Betts's Good Times, Bad Blood, and Delta Style

Dickey Betts, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, will be remembered as America's top 20 guitar players' outcast.   

The 57-year-old delta crooner has played it everything with gravitas, from razor tremolo and furious shuffling blues attacks to delicate acoustic balladry and gritty rock-jazz improvisations.    

Southern Rock pioneer Betts is the life of the party on stage. However, his friends know his humility and introspection.   

Despite being fired from the Allman Brothers Band last summer and facing rumors of drug abuse and misdemeanor domestic violence arrests, Betts is persevering with an iron will, homegrown guitar talent, and support from friends and fans.   

One of his rare interviews, the guitarist talks life after the Allman Brothers, the new Dickey Betts Band, and his latest solo project.   

Betts Great going. I'm in Columbus, Ohio. Just finished the second gig of the fourth leg of the tour.    

We're gaining momentum and crowds. They adore the CD. After hearing the band, they're hooked.   

Personality dynamics vary greatly. The two guitar players and tenor trumpet are the most noticeable sights and sounds.   

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