After 5 Years, Pet Owners Praise 'Power of a Microchip' for Reuniting Lost Cat

Owner Cindy Hall remarked, "It is a miracle that he walked up to these two women who were in rescue."  

Five years after the cat went lost, a Nevada couple termed the cat's discovery in Arkansas "a miracle".  

Cindy told local NBC affiliate KARK that she and Jeff Hall got a call in March informing them that their Russian Blue cat, Sam, had been found at an Arkansas gas station.  

Sam was discovered at the location by two women, who then took him to Jacksonville Animal Hospital. 

The women called PAWSitively Cats, the animal charity that the Halls had originally acquired Sam from when he was just 12 weeks old, using the information from Sam's microchip.  

The women were carrying two dogs when Sam was found, as per a Facebook post from the rescue. 

They were a member of the Alone 2 Home pet transport service.  

Cindy told the outlet of her family's pet, "We had him for seven years and then one day he got out." 

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