After ‘Last Dance’ Snub, Michael Jordan’s Former Teammate Breaks Silence on How He Really Feel

Several players' legacies are inscribed in NBA history as members of the Chicago Bulls dynasty. 

But in 1992, a teenage guard who had played alongside Michael Jordan and won more three-point games than Stephen Curry appeared to be eliminated from the NBA following back-to-back titles with the Chicago Bulls. Craig Hodges's sad story is that.

It's not as simple as it seems, though. Hodges was never among the worst players in the NBA; in fact, he was always a fantastic role player during his tenure there. 

Despite his outspoken criticism of racial inequality in America during the 1990s, he was unable to locate a team of his own. 

Hodges has since reconciled with Michael Jordan after harboring mixed feelings towards him for not being invited to the documentary The Last Dance.

Craig Hodges stated, "I don't hate at all; I think Jordan is an intelligent businessman," in a recent interview with Infobae. 

He has, in my opinion, developed experience and supported worthy projects throughout time.

He must now be more aware of everything going on in the nation and the globe, in my opinion.

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