After leaving modeling for Texas, Bella Hadid is 'Not Putting on a Fake Face' 

Bella Hadid, after a decade in modelling, finds freedom in Texas, prioritising self-care over appearances.

Living authentically, she embraces her good and bad days, relishing newfound happiness.

In Fort Worth, she enjoys simplicity, doing her own makeup, and cherishing time with friends.

Hadid returned to modelling in August 2023 post Lyme Disease, but later chose to step back.

She ended her contract with Charlotte Tilbury in November 2023.

Happiness in Texas is amplified by her relationship with Adan Banuelos, linked since October 2023.

Adan's support and simplicity contribute to their joy, endorsed by Bella's mother, Yolanda Hadid.

Bella's contentment stems from newfound autonomy and genuine connections.

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