After nearly missing film part, Kevin Costner returns for 'Field of Dreams' game.  

The man who was arguably most responsible for the success of the 1989 film of the same name, as well as the success of the Yankees and White Sox this evening, participated.

In the pregame ceremonies, effectively acting as the master of ceremonies, as the teams played their much-awaited "Field of Dreams" game here on Thursday evening.  

The diamond is a modest one, and it is within walking distance from the park.  

At a press conference, the movie's star, Kevin Costner, remarked, "It was the perfect little movie."  

"'Do you want to have a catch?' was the conclusion, instead of a large-scale vehicle chase. It was successful. And this duplication of the attention to detail is what I've observed outside.  

Even though he had recently wrapped up another baseball film, "Bull Durham," Costner revealed that after reading the "Field of Dreams" script, he immediately wanted to join on. 

But he had also committed to an action movie called "Revenge." The producers of "Field of Dreams," however, held out hope that they could cast Costner—whose popularity had grown as a result of the success of "Bull Durham."  

"The Untouchables," and "No Way Out"—for the main part. Nevertheless, the filming date for that project kept getting pushed back.  

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