After years of dating, Zendaya and Tom Holland are "discussing marriage"; "that is a reality."  

Seems like Zendaya and Tom Holland are getting married after four years of mostly keeping their courtship a secret.   

On April 25, People revealed exclusively that the celebrities might be anticipating a future together after successfully concealing their relationship while pursuing their prominent jobs.  

Dating rumors soon followed the pair, who first connected on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016. But proof didn't come until 2021, when the pair was eventually seen in Holland's car packing on the PDA.  

"They are not the kind of stars who put their lives out there on social media for the most part," the insider said, elaborating on the couple's well-known position.  

The insider makes clear that Zendaya and Tom Holland are quiet people who have never felt "easy or comfortable" in the spotlight. 

Although it's been discussed, Zendaya and Tom Holland's reunion as Spider-Man and Michael Jackson isn't official.  

While both actors appear eager to participate, director Sam Raimi hasn't made up his mind yet.   

For those who recall Raimi's earlier intentions for a fourth Spider-Man movie prior to the franchise relaunch starring Andrew Garfield, this may come as a surprise.   

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