Alica Schmidt’s entire career as professional athlete and supermodel explored

During the European under-20 athletics competitions, German track and field sensation Alica Schmidt gained popularity after winning silver in the four × 400m relay. 

Schmidt has just become a social media superstar and has taken over the internet.

From a young age, the 23-year-old has a natural talent for sports. At school, she was a regular competitor and a multiple-time regional champion.

Schmidt said that even as a little girl, her parents encouraged her to pursue sports. She has had remarkable success in her brief track career thanks to her passion for the sport and her excellent work ethic.

Even as a little girl, Schmidt's track and field athletic father could see her promise. 

At the age of seven, she competed in her first track and field event after joining a neighborhood athletics club.

The women's 4×400 mixed relay was going to be Alica Schmidt's Olympic debut in 2021.

In the mixed 4x400m relay, the German team was disqualified for touching the Jamaican team, meaning the German athlete never got to compete in Tokyo.

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