'American Idol' judge Katy Perry exposes the 'greatest lie' of the music industry.

Katy Perry has found a new source of inspiration for her next album.  

Perry disclosed to Fox News Digital Monday night at the "American Idol" Top 10 Tastemaker Event at the Aster hotel in Hollywood that she gets to "create from a different space now."  

"I feel really happy and whole and loved, so that's different for an artist because usually you're writing songs out of pain," she went on to say.  

"But I believe it is the worst lie that any artist has been sold: that you must be in misery in order to be a great creator.  

Perry admitted that juggling the joys of parenthood with being a famous music artist may be difficult.  

And the gratifying [part] is just the unconditional love that everyone talks about.  

"It's as if you climb all these mountains to see the vista, and you believe that's the view you want.   

And, honestly, it wasn't until I had my child that I understood, "Yes, this is the view I've been looking for."  

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