'American Idol' judge Katy Perry exposes the music industry's "greatest lie"

In an interview with Fox News Digital conducted Monday night at the Aster hotel in Hollywood, California, during the "American Idol" Top 10 Tastemaker Event, Perry disclosed that she is able to "create from a different space now."  

"I feel really happy and whole and loved, so that’s different for an artist because usually you’re writing songs out of pain," remarked the singer.  

You have to be in constant agony to be a great artist, but I really believe it is the worst lie any artist has ever been told.  

"Actually, you can be happy and have a life and have a family and still contribute really great things to the world, so it’s going to be, I think the music’s going to be reflective of that love and joy."  

Daisy Dove was born to Perry and her fiancé, Orland Bloom, in August of 2020.    

Managing the responsibilities of a global pop artist with the joys of parenting isn't easy, Perry admitted.  

"The challenge is the balance of it, finding balance being a matriarch, being a mother, being a boss, being an artist, being a creator, being a leader,"  

she pointed out. As for what really makes life worthwhile, "the opportunity is there to find that balance" and the universally lauded unconditional affection are the enjoyable parts.   

"I know it sounds cliche, but that's really it," she said with a laugh.  

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