‘American Idol’ shocker: Mia Matthews eliminated during Top 10

Top 10 Performance: Aired April 28 on ABC, finalists sang for judges and 21M viewer votes.

Eliminations: Mia Matthews and Kayko left, leaving Top 8 for next round.

Mia's Performances: Sang various hits; praised for stage presence but faced criticism for forgetting lyrics.

Judges' Feedback: Luke praised Mia's commercial potential, Katy loved her stage presence, Lionel noted her distraction.

Top 8: Jack, McKenna, Abi, Julia, Triston, Kaibrienne, Will, and Emmy advance.

Next Episode: "Judges' Song Contest" on April 29.

Previous Winners: Maddie, Laine, Just Sam, Chayce, Noah, and I'm since 2018 on ABC.

Predictions: Who will be the next "American Idol" winner? Share your thoughts!

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