Amy Olson retires after 10 years on LPGA Tour

On Wednesday, after ten years on the LPGA Tour, Amy Olson retired, she revealed it on social media.  

Grant Olson is the defensive coordinator at North Dakota State University.  

Olson, who is 31 years old, was on maternity leave when their daughter Carly Gray Olson was born on September 15, 2023.  

With the hashtag "What. A. Ride," X account user Amy Olson expressed her approval. "I have decided to officially terminate my experience in professional golf.   

I am embarking on a new chapter in my life, whether you call it quitting, retiring, or a very long maternity leave. I am incredibly grateful for the paths that God led me to through the game of golf.  

After setting an NCAA record with 20 titles at North Dakota State, Olson—a native of Oxbow, N.D.—turned pro. However, he did not win on the tour.   

That, combined with her exclusion from the United States Solheim Cup team, was an unfulfilled ambition, she told Golfweek.  

"I've had to accept that," Olson mentioned to Golfweek. "I'm just realizing OK, that's not part of my story, and realizing I have different dreams and bigger dreams, rather than clinging to the same ones that motivated me for a number of years."  

Among Olson's thirteen top-ten finishes is a tie for second place in the 2021 Kia Classic, which he achieved via rallying.  

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