An Ocean of Power in Your Palm: Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Review  

Battery power is crucial for outdoor hunting. You only have what you carry back. As our smartphones have become our main GPS units, I don't bother with battery energy.  

I have used a seemingly limitless number of charging blocks, but none compare to the Dark Energy Poseidon Pro. Waterproofness, incredible durability, and dependability make it all I desire and frequently more.  

In conclusion, Dark Energy's Poseidon Pro is ideal for hunters that want one charging block.  

Backcountry battery charging is standard with Dark Energy, and its Poseidon Pro doesn't disappoint. This 10,200mAh power bank charges electronics swiftly and holds a charge for years with 500+ recharge cycles.  

Four front indicator lights show the unit's charge. At 9.8 ounces, it's small enough to fit in your backpack and weighs less than most cellphones. It has USB-C, USB-A, and a flashlight.  

A Carabiner Pro, leather cable manage strap, and 3-foot USB-C cord come with every Poseidon Pro. Dark Energy offers a 2-year warranty. Remember, this device is nearly indestructible. Learn more below.  

Since this is a charging block, let's briefly discuss charging. The Poseidon Pro's USB-C port makes it faster at charging. Dark Energy guarantees 30+ smartphone charging hours. Camera gear charges for 10+ hours, and laptops for 4+.  

The Poseidon Pro's Armor Flex Technology makes it sturdy for backcountry hunting. It can take a battering and more. This power bank survived a 50-foot drop, shotgun explosion, 1,500 pounds of crushing force, and 1.5 pounds of explosives during testing. That’s noteworthy.  

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