Ancient planet named Theia is buried deep inside of the Earth

 evidence that two large blobs close to the planet's core may be the remnants of an extinct planet—possibly called Theia—that struck Earth billions of years ago.

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Seismic images reveal Theia "Seismic images of Earth's interior have revealed two continent-sized anomalies with low seismic velocities, known as the large low-velocity province

Massive-impact theory   Decades of discussion have centered on the genesis of these enigmatic LLVPs. The new research, however, points to these formations as being the remains of Theia,  

Focus of the Theia study The basis of this discovery traces back to a seminar in 2019 where Qian Yuan, a geophysicist at Caltech, had a "eureka moment" 

Physics of the crash with Theia   The simulations verified that the Moon and the LLVPs may have been created by the collision's physics.  

combining mantles   However, why did the remains of Theia split into two distinct blobs rather than integrating seamlessly into the Earth's developing structure? According to the team's models,  

Theories of the Moon's origins  The formation of the Moon has been a subject of extensive study and debate over the years.

Theia and the giant-impact hypothesi The most widely accepted theory today proposes that a Mars-sized body, often referred to as Theia (

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