Anonymous NBA Director of Player Personnel: "There Are Probably Three Rounds' Worth Of Prospects More Talented That Bronny In This Class"   

Bronny James is expected to be one of many talents drafted this summer, but analysts are divided on his ability to compete with his classmates.  

According to one GM, he isn't even among the top 300 prospects this summer, let alone the top sixty.  

"Bronny is nowhere near ready," an NBA general manager told The Ringer.   

"He should go back to school to develop at his own pace or he risks getting lost in the shuffle, whether or not he's playing with his dad."  

."While Bronny displays occasional flashes of brilliance offensively, he has yet to establish himself as a legitimate NBA prospect, and he is starting at a significant disadvantage compared to his father,   

who was both athletically and physically superior to his opponents. "Bronny is an undersized non-shooting guard," an NBA official stated.  

"The shot looks fantastic but does not go in. Those guys frighten me the most. It's either a lack of touch or a mental issue, and both take years to rectify."  

James concluded his rookie season averaging 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game while shooting 36%.  

He played a minor part on a USC squad that finished at the bottom of its conference.  


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