As ‘NCIS’ Celebrates 1,000 Episodes, Cast Members Talk Longevity: ‘None of It Has Ever Felt Boring to Me’

On CBS' April 15, “NCIS” airs its 1,000th episode, including spinoffs.   

That's a milestone for all the associated series, but “NCIS” O.G.   

has 463 episodes and counting, with 500 soon within reach, especially now that it's been renewed for a 22nd season.   

The top-rated drama series has survived cast changes like Mark Harmon's 2021 departure, so there's no end in sight. (Gary Cole joined as Harmon left Season 19.)  

If there was a complete turnover, fans' loyalty might change.   

No cast member from the show's 2003 premiere remains, however Sean Murray and Brian Dietzen,  

who had recurring parts in the first season before becoming series regulars, are very close.   

Rocky Carroll returns to Season 5, numerous network TV lives past.   

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