Astrology's Most Romantic Zodiac Signs

Aquarius and romance don't really get along. It is only if you love them without asking for their commitment that Aquarius can rise to the top of the most romantic zodiac signs table.  


The sign of Sagittarius is extroverted and adventurous. Only a few creatures can have fun by themselves. Despite their self-absorbed qualities, they are loyal when they find love.  


An Aries loves passionately rather than old-school romantically. It's easy for them to dominate over their partner, which is an instant mood killer for some.  


The Capricorn is also very shy. In spite of their shyness, they are romantic. Any non-Capricorn reading this, that crush isn't rude, just a bit self-absorbed.  


Despite being flirty, meeting new people, and having fun, Gemini takes a long time to find love. Love is a bit too scary for Geminis.  


After a breakup, Virgo would be the first to dump love. It might be hard to patch up with a Virgo after that long breakup. A Virgo in love is compassionate.  


Scorpios may seem mysterious and like their own company. Just a minute with a Scorpio will blow away all your perceptions! Sex is Scorpio.   


As a water sign, Cancer is very sensitive by nature. Their romantic streak is based on their first love experience. To weave a full-fledged relationship, Cancer tend to give their all.   


Leo is the fourth most romantic zodiac sign. Leos are very bold in love. Based on your understanding of your lover's feelings and desires, you may modify your actions.   


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