Batman Spin Off Perfectly Sets Up Batman 2 Hero Return in Exciting DC Theory 

Catwoman’s Return: The Penguin's storyline may pave the way for Catwoman's return in The Batman 2.

Falcone's Replacement: Penguin’s rise fills the power vacuum left by Carmine Falcone, Catwoman's father, which could draw her back to Gotham.

Sofia Falcone's Involvement: Sofia Falcone's presence in The Penguin hints at a tie-in with Catwoman's storyline, emphasising the Falcone family dynamic.

Class Divide Theme: Highlighting the class divide, Sofia and Selina's contrasting lives add depth to Catwoman's character, aligning with The Batman's thematic elements.

Penguin's Alliances: Penguin aligning with Sofia Falcone might make Catwoman feel compelled to return and prevent another Carmine Falcone from emerging.

Public Knowledge: Sofia's public status as Carmine's daughter suggests Catwoman's awareness of her, adding a layer of complexity to their potential encounters.

Family Dynamics: Sofia and Selina’s familial ties could serve as an interesting dynamic, enhancing the complexity of Gotham’s underworld.

Continuity and Dimension: Exploring Sofia and Selina's lives would enrich The Batman universe, ensuring depth and continuity.

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