Belichick was 'voted off the island' this offseason, reports suggest.  

One of the most unexpected outcomes of the NFL offseason was that legendary head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick found himself jobless once the coaching carousel had stopped rotating. 

Belichick intended to become a coach in 2024 and is only 15 wins away from becoming the NFL's all-time record holder.

However, that did not materialize, and it did not seem to be in the near future either.  

According to ESPN, Belichick came the closest to being hired as a head coach of any of the open or maybe open positions when he placed outside the top three of the Atlanta Falcons' finalists.

Belichick reportedly made an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Falcons owner Arthur Blank and the front office that he was content to serve only as head coach and not have complete control over the team.  

As a result, Belichick was taken aback when the Falcons chose to hire Raheem Morris, a former defensive coordinator for the Rams.  

An ESPN source close to the Falcons claimed, "He was essentially voted off the island."  

Even though Belichick was prepared to give up organizational control to the front office, ESPN also reviewed the list of other head coaching openings this offseason and offered the apparent justification for why Belichick was ultimately unfit for the position:  

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