This famous blend of espresso, chocolate, and milk is named after the Italian word for the circular glass in which it is customarily served  

It comes from Turin, the capital of Piedmont, a region known for its iconic Barolo and Barbaresco wines.   

Ordering a Bicerin at Bar Pisellino, Jody Williams and Rita Sodi's delightful all-day café and bar in Manhattan's West Village neighborhood  

As a fan of elegant glassware, I knew I had to try the drink the moment I noticed a goblet on the table next to me one recent afternoon.   

The drink is creamy, caffeinated, and sweet, like a nostalgic mug of hot chocolate and an espresso martini.   

This recipe is a simplified version of Pisellino's, and it pairs particularly nicely with a shot of amaretto if you want to make it into a nightcap.   

While many Bicerin recipes ask for heavy cream, I prefer frothed whole milk (imagine thick, cappuccino-level foam!) or full-fat oat milk for a lighter   

Consider this my official appeal to have more coffee places serve Bicerin. — Oset Babür Winter  

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