Bill Belichick Gets Job-Concerning News 3 Days After Patriots Win

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots received terrible news on Sunday afternoon that will affect their 2023 campaign. It might mean the end for Belichick's Patriots career.  

On Thursday Night Football, the Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers with a commanding victory. 

That victory in early December was only Belichick's team's third, though. This offseason, Patriots owner Robert Kraft did not see a 3–10 record. 

Thursday night's playoff elimination was averted with the victory. However, this weekend the Patriots were unable to avoid their fate. The Cincinnati Bengals' victory over the Indianapolis Colts mathematically removed the Patriots from the postseason.  

In the Belichick era, Week 14 is now the earliest the Patriots have been eliminated from the playoffs. This offseason, that might end up costing Belichick his job.  

After the Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs for the 2022 campaign, Kraft reportedly issued a letter to season ticket holders this offseason, according to USA Today: "The Patriots didn't make the playoffs." 

And before they could celebrate Christmas, they were out of the running to qualify for the postseason.  

It stands to reason that Kraft will not be pleased with the outcome of missing the postseason this season. It has been simpler for Kraft to part ways with his six-time Super Bowl-winning head coach because to the Patriots' performance this season.  

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