Brittany Mahomes celebrates with husband Patrick as they fly off in a private plane.  

Kansas City Chiefs player and wife go on a weekend getaway to celebrate friends' birthdays.  

Brittany Mahomes, a former soccer player, has published photos of herself and husband Patrick celebrating.  

Brittany is wearing a red dress in the Instagram photo, while Patrick is dressed in a multicolored shirt. The Kansas City Current owner captioned the photo:  

The Mahomes are on a weekend trip to honor their good friend Miranda Hogue's birthday.  

Brittany shared a passionate birthday wish for Hogue on Wednesday night, stating that they will be "celebrating all weekend," according to Sportskeeda.  

Hogue is a close friend of Brittany, and her husband, Summit Hogue, attended Texas Tech University alongside Patrick.   

Patrick is an American football quarterback who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League.  

Since taking over as quarterback in 2018, he has guided the team to six consecutive American Football Conference (AFC) game berths as well as four Super Bowls.  

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