Caitlin Clark wrote 'Play in the WNBA' on a childhood goal list, and her mother still has it!

WNBA draftee Caitlin Clark will cross a key childhood dream off her list. The Indiana Fever are likely to draft Clark, 22, first overall on April 15, marking a special milestone for the former Iowa Hawkeyes star.

Clark told the Associated Press and TODAY that she put down her objectives in second grade, including playing in the WNBA. 

"I think more than anything, I'm just really excited," Clark told NBC News about her new professional career.

In second grade, I jotted down this dream on paper. Basketball scholarship. Join the WNBA. Always wanted to do this ", she said. Her mother, 

Anne Nizzi-Clark, keeps the list Clark wrote as a child, the AP reports. “It’s pretty special, looking back at that sheet I was able to check off a lot of goals,” Clark told the site.

Clark told TODAY anchor Stephanie Gosk that she still can't believe some of the statistics after bringing record viewership to the women's NCAA tournament this season.

“I would have thought you were crazy to say we would be playing in front of 24 million people on national television. I still can't believe it," she remarked, calling the popularity surge "something that everyone should be proud of."

"Where it’s going to grow, the young stars in our game are really good," Clark said. "Great WNBA. Talent across the board has helped.”

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