Can you find the paintbrush in this image in 5 seconds before the big cat wakes up?  

You must find the paintbrush in this optical illusion while the large cat sleeps. Beat this difficult illusion task in 5 seconds to demonstrate your keen observation, attention to detail, and vision.   

Creative intelligence is tested by this visual illusion.A paintbrush is cleverly disguised in this painting. Be amazed by this optical illusion.   

his illusion painting hides the paintbrush well. This optical illusion will confuse you. You'll see how optical illusions use patterns to generate challenging visuals after solving this deception.     

Artist-like pattern identification and visual awareness are needed for this difficult optical trick.  

You must be one of the 2% of people with a high IQ who can spot the paintbrush in this optical illusion.This illusion artwork shows a cheetah napping.   

This large cat is lounging on the tree trunk.  

One paintbrush is hidden in this optical illusion. You must be smart and inventive to find the paintbrush in this tough optical illusion.  

Do not worry—we circled the answer below. The paintbrush is skillfully disguised in the left tree trunk.  


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