Christina Applegate Says She Wore Diapers After Contracting Viru

Christina Applegate is being open about how a contaminated salad gave her a virus that made her require diapers.

In the most recent episode of the MeSsy podcast, which she co-hosts with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Applegate, 52, described the medical ordeal in great detail.

Applegate revealed in the "Can I Be Honest?" episode that she got COVID-19 from a close friend who "dropped the ball and went to a bowling alley, and came home with the stuff."

The actress, who disclosed that she received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in August 2021, claimed that the illness developed into long-term COVID,

, leading to a chest infection and the development of "weird stuff where it speeds up all of a sudden" in her heart.

Christina Applegate at her star ceremony for the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November 2022.

She remembered, "I was so dizzy from pissing out of my a-- for a few days." 

I was unable to eat or do anything since I was so unwell." Her diagnosis of sapovirus, which is "responsible for both sporadic cases and occasional outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis," came from a stool test, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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