CMA board restricts Morgan Wallen's reward.

Tennessee's Nashville (AP) — This year's CMA accolades will see country artist Morgan Wallen compete for many accolades. 

But he won't be able to win the top prize—a reflection of the ongoing backlash following his videotaped use of a racial slur.   

According to CMA spokeswoman Catharine McNelly, the Board of Directors of the Country Music Association decided that.  

Wallen would not be qualified for individual artist categories, such as entertainer of the year and male vocalist of the year.   

In order "to not limit the opportunity for other credited collaborators," the board concluded that. 

Wallen could still be nominated for prizes that honor creative works, such as album of the year, song of the year, single of the year, musical event, and music video.   

On Friday, the voting timetable was made public. On July 6, CMA voters will receive the first nomination ballot.   

When the video for "Whiskey Glasses" was released on TMZ in February, Wallen was already one of the top stars in the genre.   

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