Colin Kaepernick kneeling timeline: How protests during the national anthem started a movement in the NFL

 Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed almost four years after sitting and then kneeling during the national anthem,,,

 at NFL games to protest racial inequality and police brutality.  

 A 32-year-old free agent quarterback who hasn't played in the NFL since the last week of 2016,,,

Kaepernick spent six years with the 49ers before his peaceful protest led to the league's owners blackballing him.  

 Despite retiring as an NFL quarterback, he remains a divisive social rights campaigner.  

 Thus, Kaepernick was quickly mentioned when the NFL released an empty statement on George Floyd's killing at the hands of Minneapolis police.   

 Kaepernick's previous club also condemned unfairness amid Floyd's death protests.  

 Four years ago, Kaepernick's national anthem protests were more divisive than they are today.  

 Trenches were inhabited for days, weeks, months, even years after Kaepernick explained his protests.  

 Others constantly lambasted the quarterback for failing to distinguish the protesters' cause from their technique.  

 From then to now, Kaepernick has been praised and mocked for four years. It begins the night a reporter discovered his protests.  

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