Cowboys great Michael Irvin spills beans on Jerry Jones' game plan for NFL Draft 2024

NFL World Praying For The Legendary Cowboys Star  

Irvin has talked about his mental health and said that he has been having a hard time recently.  

Someone said that the famous Cowboys player did something wrong at a Super Bowl hotel. He says that the claims are false.  

"You could be right, bro.... But after dealing with all that stuff since the Super Bowl, I was in a bad place and had to get away. "Thanks, bro!" he said.  

"We have your back." Michael "Love reading.  

your comments and hope you'll be back soon!" wrote one fan.  

"You are one of our best people on Earth for a lot of us.  

Owner Jerry Jones stated last season, ahead of the NFL trade deadline, that the organisation was interested in making substantial deals.   

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