Cowboys Make $21 Million Decision on Micah Parsons’ Contract

The Dallas Cowboys have activated a crucial contract provision to guarantee that Micah Parsons remains with the team for a minimum of two additional years.   

Maintaining Parsons' services is an easy decision because he is the public face of the Cowboys' defense and one of, if not the finest, player on the squad.  

It is common practice to include a fifth-year team option in first-round rookie contracts.   

Parsons' fifth-year contract for 2025 was activated by the Cowboys on April 24, according to ESPN writer Todd Archer.The Cowboys have reportedly paid $21.324 million to acquire Micah Parsons' 2025 fifth-year option.   

His 2023 snap total—which was highest at defensive end—will serve as the basis for his contract. According to Archer's post on X, the team's ultimate goal is to secure a long-term contract with him.  

More than anything else, this is insurance, as Archer says. Dallas should be prepared to shell out the dough for Parsons' second NFL contract, which will pay him even more than $21.3 million per season.  

That being said, for the next two years, the Cowboys can rest easy knowing that they are completely in charge of him. The option to trade him next summer is now in their hands in case things don't work out  

The $21.3 million salary that Parsons might earn in 2025 if he exercises his fifth-year option is greater than the total of his first four years of the agreement put together.   

But the money he gets in the future will be much more than this first contract.  

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