Critics Outraged After Girls Get Injured By Transgender Athlete

Women's rights activists and former professional athlete Riley Gaines, came down on Democratic Governor Maura Healey of Massachusetts for a disturbing incident that involved a transgender male athlete. 

That a transgender male athlete was caught on video causing injuries to female players during a basketball game in February. 

Lazuli was suspended from the women’s rowing team at a private club because of allegations of  inappropriate comments in the locker rooms towards another female student. 

Has been participating in the women’s divisions of sports, including basketball, rowing, volleyball, track & field, and taekwondo. 

It was also revealed that the athlete had participated in multiple other sports on women's teams, And it was reported that she made disturbing comments to girls in the locker rooms when they were trying to change their clothe

Multiple sports organizations and governing bodies have grappled with the challenges of creating and implementing inclusive policies, 

These measures have ignited additional debates and legal challenges, Underscoring the complex nature of trying to balance inclusion with fairness for the athletes in the competition.

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