David Beckham Sues Mark Wahlberg's F45 Fitness Company For 10 Million

A fitness contract that left former soccer star Mark Wahlberg much lighter in the wallet has led David Beckham to sue Wahlberg's company, setting the stage for a potential court battle between the two fitness titans.

DB Ventures Ltd, Beckham's business partner, claims in the lawsuit that Wahlberg's 36% stake in F45 Training constitutes "duped" him into working with the company. 

M.W. is also the head of the company's branding efforts.

After becoming Mark's close friend during his time playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy in California, Beckham became F45's Global Ambassador. 

The selling point is that the company's reach would likely be significantly increased because to David's massive social media following.

Well, that was a bust. After the stock price of the company plummeted, Beckham claims he was promised $10 million but never received it. Incidentally, those posts have already been removed.

Despite F45's requests that the judge dismiss the case as "fraudulent," the judge has decided to proceed with the matter.

It's not just David, by the way. In 2017, Terrell Owens similarly sued F45, asserting that the firm had deceived him out of $700,000.

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