DC Confirms Major Gotham Villain Always Just Faked Insanity 

It has always been untrue that all fans know about one of the most recognizable villains in the DC Universe.

A backstory illuminates the reason behind this villain's deception of his legendary identity and uncovers a startling bond between Batman and an unlikely member of his rogues' gallery.  

Batman and the Penguin have been working together covertly for more than a year in Tom King and Stevan Subic's The Penguin #7.  

However, Oswald notices that as Batman kills everyone but Cobblepot, the criminal population is starting to get wary.  

Cobblepot gives Batman an idea during one of their meetings: Cobblepot will pose as the Joker or the Riddler to fool people into thinking he is someone else.  

This will force Batman to apprehend Cobblepot and send him to Arkham instead of Blackgate. Oswald dons his first Penguin costume and goes for Batman, starting the criminal lord's journey toward becoming a supervillain.  

The most recent chapter of The Penguin exposed the brutal ascent to power of Oswald Cobblepot.  

When Cobblepot first started out, he was a submissive bartender who obeyed Carmine Falcone's commands and denigration. 

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