Deadpool And Wolverine Director Says No 'Prior Research' Is Necessary To Enjoy The Marvel Movie. I'm Skeptical About That Claim 

The MCU has long attempted to have it both ways when it comes to franchise building:   

it has movies in its continuity that are linked to each other through references and cameos, and it tries to build macro narratives, but it also sells each chapter as its own story that operates apart from everything else in the canon.  

This kind of criticism has surfaced for every Marvel Cinematic Universe production since 2012's The Avengers, but the hoopla around the forthcoming Deadpool and Wolverine has me completely baffled.  

Recently, in an interview with the Associated Press, director Shawn Levy stamped the next film with the "No Research Required" label.   

Newcomers to the world of comic book blockbusters will be entertained, according to the filmmaker, who claims he is not a fan of films that need viewers to have seen previous films. "Levy said,"  

It's easy to see Shawn Levy's point: if you want to market your film to a wide audience, you can't claim in an interview that someone who isn't familiar with contemporary comic book blockbusters will be completely puzzled by it.  

Deadpool and Wolverine will have enough of humor for everyone, even those who aren't huge fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

Anyone with appropriately tuned sensibilities may enjoy jokes about the restroom and physical humor.  

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