Did Michael Porter Jr leak Adam Silver's phone number? Nuggets star's terrible slip-up explored

Michael Porter Jr., the Denver Nuggets player, leaking NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's phone number. 

It is crucial to verify such stories from reliable sources since misinformation can spread quickly online. 

If a new development has occurred that I'm not aware of, I would recommend checking the latest updates from trustworthy news outlets or the NBA's official  

This will provide clarity on what happened, why Porter Jr. felt he might be expelled from the league, and what the apology was about.

"I didn't even realized I posted it on my Snapchat," Porter stated. "In response, my sister said, 'You know you just put Adam Silver's number out there.  

I noticed that the post contained a thousand screenshots when I first looked at it.  

Adam Silver or another high-profile mistake such as leaking a phone number. 

"I thought I was gonna get kicked out of the league. I ended up having to get up on stage and apologize in front of everybody."

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