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"Megalopolis" premieres after 20 years of anticipation with a star-studded audience including industry heavyweights like Nicolas Cage and Al Pacino.

Directed by Coppola, the film explores clash of future visions amidst city destruction, featuring Adam Driver and Giancarlo Esposito in leading roles.

The narrative juxtaposes idealism with corruption, echoing timely societal debates on sustainability and power dynamics.

Characters like Julia (Nathalie Emmanuel) add depth, reflecting societal disillusionment and the search for purpose amid privilege.

Coppola's childhood polio experience influences the film's optimistic yet cautionary tone, paralleling historical rise and fall of empires.

An illustrious cast delivers nuanced performances, weaving a complex tapestry of societal dynamics and personal struggles.

Coppola's dedication to his vision is evident in the risky $120 million self-financed endeavour, aiming to challenge perceptions and spark discourse.

"Megalopolis" prompts reflection on societal responsibility amidst environmental and moral crises, echoing themes from Coppola's iconic works.

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