Divorced Woman: Only 3 Actions 'Guarantee' You Won't Get Divorced 

All of us are insecure about marriage. It's obvious—not only because marriage entails risk, commitment, and faith, which makes us vulnerable and defensive,...

...but also because so many "how to prevent divorce" articles are clicked and shared.  

We use "seven-step formulas for marital bliss" to "divorce-proof our marriages."   

Beyond the culturally manufactured Seven-Year Itch, we hold our breath through Divorce Month.  

We devour others' faults, eager to learn from their experiences.  

1. Never change or grow in any way

If you can maintain your compatible views and aspirations and keep this phase from ending, you could stay married forever. No one's reality works that way.  

When we pledge, we commit to a flawed, inconsistent person with baggage, trauma, or deep-set peculiarities. A person with free will to do harm.  

2. Have full control over your partner's mind and heart

The "divorce is off the table" marriage approach has merit. There's evidence that deeper connection and understanding may revive even the most stagnant relationships.  

3. Don't get divorced, no matter what


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