Dragonfly, the Most Exciting Space Mission You'll Ever Hear About Is Now Officially Confirmed By NASA.

NASA said that its $3.35 billion Dragonfly mission to fly a drone-like ship around Saturn's largest moon, Titan, will launch in July 2028.

Titan is the only planet with weather and liquid outside Earth. It may be the source of life with its atmosphere, rain, lakes, oceans, shorelines, valleys,

mountain ridges, mesas, and dunes. Due to its strange chemistry, it's been called a utopia and insane.

After its lander lands on Titan in 2034, the Dragonfly mission will last two years. 

To collect prebiotic chemistry samples from Titan, a rotorcraft will fly to a different place every Titan day (16 Earth days). What else it does:

Nicky Fox, associate administrator of the research program Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington, 

said Dragonfly is a fantastic research program with broad community engagement. Explore Titan will stretch what we can do with rotorcraft outside Earth.”

Although only scheduled to undertake five experimental test flights over 30 days, the Mars Helicopter, codenamed Ingenuity, 

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