Draymond Green Injury Update: Warriors vs. Lakers

The Golden State Warriors announce that forward Draymond Green will join two-time MVP Steph Curry on the injury list before of Saturday's game against the LA Lakers. 

This crucial NBA game, part of a nine-game schedule, is attracting league attention.

The Warriors lost 109-99 to the Dallas Mavericks sans Green. In his absence, Jonathan Kuminga led the squad with 27 points, four rebounds, and two assists, shooting 8-of-17 from the field and making both of his 3-pointers.

The Warriors have lost three of their last four games, including two at home at the Chase Center. Their current situation is difficult. The squad is at a critical point in the regular season with 17 games left after going 2-4 in their past six.

In light of injuries to Green and Curry, each game is crucial as they seek a playoff play-in berth. Draymond Green said on his podcast that he has had back concerns for multiple games.

Green complained that the pain resurfaced around the third quarter, making it difficult to finish games, despite the training staff's best efforts.

Green has had back problems before and underlined the significance of listening to his body and being attentive of his health. He expects to play in the important Lakers game at the Crypto.com Arena after getting more rest this week.

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