Duchess Meghan launches lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard with jars of jam

Duchess Meghan Markle's reported launch of a lifestyle brand called "American Riviera Orchard" 

with a focus on jars of jam is an interesting development in her post-royal career.  

This venture showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and interest in promoting quality products inspired by her California roots. 

A lifestyle brand like American Riviera Orchard may feature a range of products beyond just jam, possibly including other artisanal foods,  

home goods, and wellness products. By drawing inspiration from her surroundings in the California region,  

Duchess Meghan can bring a touch of local culture and flavors to her offerings. 

The launch of such a brand allows her to engage with her audience in a new way and continue to build her public image outside of her royal association. 

It also presents an opportunity for her to support local producers and sustainable practices, which aligns with her known advocacy for social and environmental causes. 

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