Enjoying the new summer drinks at Starbucks

Starbucks is focusing on summer and has introduced several exciting new menu items.   

The coffee giant looks to have won over customers after teasing a few new drink options, as well as two sweet treats touted to be exclusive to its upcoming summer menu.   

Markie_Devo, a foodie influencer who often tests and samples new menu items,   

the first glimpse at the new offers and uploaded a photo of them on Instagram.  

The post included three Refreshers, iced coffee, a returning flavor of its creamy cold brew, and a collection of treats that fans appear to be very pleased about.   

The Summer Berry Refresher, Summer Berry Lemonade Refresher, Summer Skies Drink Refresher,   

a new iced coffee blend, and the returning White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew are all expected to appear on Starbucks menus this summer.   

In terms of snacks, the cafe is said to be releasing an Orange Cream Cake Pop,  

which features a cream cake mixed with buttercream, dipped in chocolate icing, and finished with an orange slice design,  

a Pineapple Cloud Cake, which the influencer described as "airy cake layered with a lightweight pineapple cream and pineapple spread with whole fruit pieces   

pineapple spread with whole fruit pieces all topped with a sweet drizzle."  

The new iced coffee blend's name has not yet been released. However, Markie_Devo claims it is "crafted from Latin American coffees with notes of malted milk chocolate and brown sugar  

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