Muriel Edwards, a Life Care Center of Jefferson City resident, had the joy of a lifetime when she met Randy Travis, her favorite country musician.   

While Muriel was in rehabilitation at the facility, her therapists discovered that she was Randy Travis's "number-one fan."    

So, occupational therapy helper Zoe Moonwood gave Muriel Randy's book, "Forever and Ever, Amen."    

Which quickly became a prized keepsake that Muriel never parted with despite her vision problems.   

Later, Karoline Van Horn, an occupational therapy assistant, bought Muriel a smart speaker for Christmas and taught her how to program it to play Randy Travis whenever she wanted.    

In 2022, Travis revealed his diagnosis of Korsakoff syndrome, sparking support and raising awareness of the condition's link to alcoholism.   

When she instructed her speaker to play Randy Travis, it didn't always do so. On numerous occasions, the   

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