Forget Stranger Things; Millie Bobby Brown is a movie star.

The general public isn't always the best at recognizing that child stars and teen idols grow up, and it's difficult to recognize them as anything other than their most remembered role during youth.  

However, a trend has evolved in recent years in which the stars of big teen franchises are given the opportunity to mature.  

fans have ceased making "Twilight" jokes about Academy Award-nominated Kristen Stewart and "The Batman" star Robert Pattinson, while Zac Efron's performance in "The Iron Claw" had fans advocating for an Oscar.  

Jennifer Lawrence finished "The Hunger Games" and became the second-youngest person to win an Oscar for Best Actress, while all three primary actors of the "Harry Potter" franchise have gone on to great success in other roles. 

There is certainly plenty of space for improvement (such as those who dismissed Charles Melton in "May December" since his breakout role was on "Riverdale"), but it is a welcome development from previous thinking systems.  

Netflix's blockbuster series "Stranger Things," which has held some of Hollywood's greatest young stars hostage for nearly a decade, will come to an end in 2025.  

While the teenage cast members have all found ways to participate in other projects between seasons, their options will expand substantially once they are no longer contractually bound to a large brand. 

This means that filmmakers and studios should start planning how they will help Millie Bobby Brown become the movie star she was born to be. 

The April 12, 2024 Edition of Your Daily FinanceScope 

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