Former Colorado player criticises Deion Sanders' football program: Don't play for click

Five-star recruit Cormani McClain, Colorado cornerback, leaving Deion Sanders’ program, criticises Buffaloes’ development.

McClain seeks a "great leading program" that can develop players, wants to change the narrative around his name.

Sanders wishes McClain well, hints McClain didn’t give his best effort in his first season at Colorado.

McClain's "Next Step" video on YouTube indicates his dissatisfaction with Colorado’s program under Sanders.

Buffaloes started strong but struggled, going 1-8 after a 3-0 start, finishing last in the Pac-12.

Sanders saw 26 players enter the transfer portal, 12 before the spring window and 14 after, hurting the program.

Despite the losses, Sanders’ program gained 86 new players, including 53 transfers, in his first season.

Sanders acknowledges the challenges and hopes for a better fit for McClain in another program.

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