Friday Love Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On April 12  

We're heading into the weekend, which is a time for dating, relaxing, and celebrating love.   

Love brings out your best qualities, but it may also bring out the worst ones.   


Lisa Anderson writes in her book Dating Manifesto, "A season of singleness can be a time of self-discovery and personal growth.  


You can love someone sincerely, but sometimes no amount of love can undo what has been said.   


You may not have the quickest response when you need it, and there may be times during Mercury retrograde when you wish you had said something but didn't.  


You can reconsider a relationship or your ability to be in one right now.  


You may not want to confront the problem due to fear of being further rejected or made to feel bad. Try to take the high road and focus on the problem. 


A flaw your partner shows you can help you see their human side. It shows you how special you are to them because they've let you know them intimately. 


Maybe you should have kept your feelings and thoughts to yourself. This day can be one where you learn a two-fold lesson. First, discernment about secrets is never sure. 


One of the things to consider is if you are hoping to get the relationship you had or are willing to start over again.


Your challenge this Friday is to accept people for who they are. You may not get to go back to what you had, but you can accept the joy of evolving and becoming better humans together. 


Mercury retrograde can stir the longings of your soul, allowing you to sense if a person can give you what you need or if you must look within to find it. True love begins with you. 


Time is the cure to heartbreak, Pisces, and rather than pawn an engagement ring or sell things you feel you can't see any longer, put them out of sight and wait for when the surge of emotions is less powerful. 


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